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Annual Appeal - Ginny's Story

My name is Ginny. I’m 19 years old and I have a bright future ahead of me.” – Ginny, LOFT Client

“My life growing up was chaotic and dysfunctional because of a family member with mental illness and active alcoholism. I quickly learned that no matter how loud I screamed I would not be heard. I also learned that the safest places for me were outside, or in the basement. I grew up fast to protect myself. I don’t think I ever really experienced childhood.

I also grew up hating the people who invented alcohol because of the disaster I saw it cause.  But it seemed that could only hold me back for so long. I had my first drink at 14 and started using drugs daily when I was 15.

Growing up, not once did I ever think that I wanted to become an alcoholic. No one does. But at the age of 18, I hit rock bottom. I had done many things I swore I would never do. The world I had created around myself was too painful to face sober. I knew something big needed to change and that I couldn’t do it on my own.

In November of 2016 I asked for help, and went to a 28 day rehab program. But I had nowhere to go next. I knew I was not ready to live on my own and I was worried if I went home I would slip back into my old way of life. I needed a fresh start, where I could gain independence, continue on my recovery and make plans for my future.

That’s when I heard about LOFT – a place where my life has changed completely.

The staff and other girls here are so supportive. I feel empowered, and I’ve learned the skills I need to succeed on my own: how to budget, structuring my day and even how to cook. I’ve been sober now since November. I finished high school, and was my class valedictorian.

I’ve had access to regular counselling and therapy sessions, life skills training and art therapy. The program here at Ingles House has made me realize that I have a powerful story to tell and that I can help others who have experienced similar challenges. Specifically, I want to work in indigenous communities.

With support from my LOFT counsellor, I applied and got into university for the Mental Health and Addictions Worker program which I will have started by the time you read this. But in order to succeed, I will continue to need LOFT’s support, services and encouragement.

And so do others: seniors, adults, and youth experiencing complex mental health, addictions and physical health challenges.

That’s why I am asking for your support today.” A bright holiday - and a bright future - begins with YOU!

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