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Looking at the Stars Foundation

Registered Name: Looking at the Stars Foundation

Business Number: 779585298RR0001

Inspire Incarcerated Women

Campaign Ended March 31, 2018

Dear Friend,

In a prison, the body is confined for a period of time and then it returns to the freedom of society. But if the mind is also imprisoned, what can we expect from these new members?

Our organization frees the minds of inmates and gives them the motivation to be better.We sometimes feel helpless to affect the security of our communities.

Finally, we have this unique opportunity to decide whether former inmates become predators or ambassadors of good will. 

Our message is simple: Don't look back on what you have done - Look at the Stars and believe in what you are still capable of.

We are returning to Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener at the end of March.

Our first Event there took place in 2016 - Lukas Geniusas, our featured artist and Tchaikovsky and Chopin International Piano Competition silver medalist gave a solo recital in the prison gym to a crowd of about 60 inmates, volunteers and staff. The impact on the inmates was extraordinary:

"Enjoyed a calm and relaxing time, very therapeutical. I felt very good"

"The music relaxed me and made me feel free for a brief moment in time"

"It was absolutely beautiful"

"I loved it. The music moved me"

"Made me feel awesome! I loved it so much!"

"I loved the music. It makes this prison seem "normal""

"The music made me feel extraordinarily special"

And many more.

This year the audience will be comprised of about 30 female inmates of a newly created Minimum Security Institution, volunteers and staff. The artist will be a young accomplished professional violinist, who will present a world-class program and interact with inmates during and after the Event.

The beneficiaries of this event are the incarcerated women, community volunteers and prison staff. 

How will they benefit ? 

- Inmates will get inspired by the attention (our visit), respectful treatment, the opportunity to reflect and rethink their past and create hope about the future WHEN LISTENING to CLASSICAL MUSIC as opposed to LECTURING. 

- Community volunteers and staff will have a chance to distract, relax and potentially rethink/reconsider their relationships with inmates, possibly create a certain bond, thus tremendously improving the atmosphere in the institution - reducing risks of tension and conflicts.

It will be our pleasure to invite you to participate in this Event as a "thank you" for your contribution exceeding $200.

Thanking you in advance on behalf of the inmates and our Board, chaired by the former Premier of Ontario Bob Rae,

Dmitri Kanovich Founder and CEO

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