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UPDATE on Carlos and Miss Molly! Emergency Cases


We are so happy to tell you all that Carlos' neck wound healed enough to be stitched up, he has gained 15 much-needed pounds, and continues to show his foster family how smart and loving he is every day.  This sweet, gentle boy is one of those that reminds us to take a step back from the everyday issues sometimes and to put life in perspective a bit more often.  If he can come through his painful past and still put that silly smile on everyday, maybe we can too.  Can't say enough about this big blockhead!  

Miss Molly's puppies are just about 6 weeks old now, and full of curiosity about their world.  Molly has been a gentle and attentive mother to them, but is now having to occasionally get one of her little rascals back into line when they wander too far or get too rambunctious.  Molly has healed up perfectly from her C-Section, but still needs to gain some weight- all calories are going to nursing her adorable little gang.  After weaning and spaying, Molly's foster family plans to adopt her, which means this sweet little girl has already found the perfect forever family.  We couldn't be happier for her!  

*** Graphic Content in pictures *** Two emergency cases ***

This is one of our newest boys who needed help! Meet Carlos! He was a stray on the Kahk Reserve and was attacked by other dogs. We can't even express how much this guy needed help!

Our friends and partners, Angels of Hope Animal Rescue Inc., were able to get him out and transport him here! Much love and thanks to them!

This is going to be a tough run for Carlos. His wounds are deep and the poor guy is covered in scars. Not to mention, when he turns his head, it seems to rip back open. His foster mom Dallas is one of our best and we're certain we can get through this. Despite his crazy beginning, his foster momma confirms that all he really wants outta life is pets, love and attention!

In addition, we've all heard of Missy and her sweet little denim litter. Things got very scary for momma and it was more than apparent to our great vet team at Bellamy Harrison Animal Hospital that had we not done a c-section, there was a very high and likely chance we were losing momma. We were not about to let that happen! So after a very long day and a lot of help, 6 puppies were born and Missy is a fabulous mom and recouping awesomely! However this bill was not a small one either!

We wouldn't change our choices for the world, but now we need your help!

If you have it in your heart this Christmas season to help us with Carlos' vet bills specifically, Missy's vet bills specifically, or our vet bills in general (due to a ton of spays), it would be greatly appreciated from all of us and Carlos and Missy! Our vet bills are already an issue that we need help with, so anything would be super amazing!

Thank you to all of our supporters and followers this holiday season!