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2017 Walkathon

Lumen Veritatis Academy

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Dear Friends,

                 We remember when we were children and every time we whined to our parents about how bored we were, they would inevitably begin their long lecture with, “When we were your age, we never had a TV, or video games, or so many toys...”  We would then proceed to rolling our eyes and regretting how we whined in the first place.  Now, as parents ourselves, we sometimes find ourselves starting our own lectures with a similar opening line, “When we were your age, we never had tablets, the Internet...”   It is true that the world is progressing at a fast pace, and with it comes new technology and other benefits and conveniences.  However, in the last few decades, we have also experienced a relentless attack on the traditional Christian values in this country.

                This is one of the main reasons why we have decided to send Adele and Athan to Guiding Light Academy. Guiding Light Academy is an independent Catholic school, following the Preventive System of St. John Bosco, which is based on kindness, reason, and religion. Guiding Light Academy is partnered with Lumen Veritatis Academy, a non-profit organization run by the Brothers of the Heralds of the Gospel.  Together, they provide a solid spiritual formation and quality education focusing on the most important stage in the life of any child: the early years.

                In addition to establishing a strong, religious culture at the school, Lumen Veritatis Academy also provides financial assistance to families like ours, through various forms of fundraising. On June 10th, our whole family will be participating in the Lumen Veritatis Walkathon 2017.  We will walk 5 km along the Oakville Lakeshore Waterfront Trail to raise money for the school.  We humbly ask for your support, which will allow the school in providing quality Catholic education for Adele, Athan and their classmates.

                Thank you for your generosity. Your contribution will make a difference in educating young people and giving them the necessary support to follow the words of St. John Paul II: “Young people, do not be afraid to be the saints of the new millennium!”


                Felix and Renee            

Ps: Look at some of the photos available on this page of my school! Also, if you donate $20 or more, you get a tax receipt, instantly delivered to your email