MADA Community Center Inc.

Registered Name: MADA Community Center Inc. - Centre communautaire MADA inc.

Business Number: 856356068RR0001

MADA is a volunteer-based organization that evolved from a small neighborhood center to Montreal’s central address for fighting poverty in our community. We provide our patrons with many social and crisis services free of charge, as well as serving as a safe haven for those in need.

What People Are Saying

"MADA is an invaluable partner of the City of Montreal in this ongoing fight against poverty. MADA and its volunteers are there each day, each week, each Shabbat, each holiday, to touch the lives of those in need with dignity and gentle humanity."

— Former Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, Read More

"MADA is recognized for its effectiveness in reaching and servicing over 18,000 clients, volunteers and supporters and using their expertise to dollars into food."

— Mike Cohen, Read More

"Thanks to MADA, my kids have acquired this love of volunteering and giving to others."

— Adina Moss, a volunteer at MADA

"MADA helped me in so many ways! MADA makes a huge difference in so many lives!!"

— Nadia Wiseman, a MADA patron

"G-D bless all of the amazing volunteers especially those who have gone out of their way to help me, as well as the other ones who work so hard in the background."

— Shelley Leibowicz, a MADA patron

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