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Campaign Ended Feb. 14, 2019

We need your help again this year. Indeed, Maison Plein Coeur is about to launch its annual fundraising campaign and we hope to be able to count on your support again.Even though we were able to maintain our core services in 2018, we are still NOT out of the woods.

An urgent situation

Here's why :

Due to a major compression of the funding we received from the federal government, as well as the disappearance of the Farha Foundation, the organization's budget was cut by more than $ 100,000, or 20% of the total.

Thanks to your help last year - the fundraising campaign raised $ 22,000 - we were able to mitigate this loss of income somewhat.

However, we still had to reduce services. For example, the Roger-Poirier Day Center had to be closed on Mondays and the hours worked by employees were reduced by 10%. Despite these difficult moves, a deficit of more than $ 40,000 is anticipated this year.

Meanwhile, we have stepped up efforts to diversify funding sources, including soliciting foundations and private companies. We relied on communications with, among other things, the publication of an infoletter and an increased presence on social networks. We have intensified networking efforts through our participation at events in the communities we serve. We are also continuing our efforts to obtain other sources of public funding. We are convinced that this multi-tasking approach will deliver good results.

  • A $ 50 donation offers a hot meal to 10 people as part of our monthly Agora dinner. From 30 to 40 people get a good nutritious meal at the end of the month, when many of our patrons have to scratch the bottoms while waiting for their check the next month.
  • A donation of $ 200 pays for coffee, sugar and milk at the Day Center for a month. From 40 to 50 people visit our Day Center every week, which takes them out of their isolation.
  • A $ 500 donation pays for the massage oil for 1 year. Approximately 450 people living with HIV (PLWHIV) use this massage service which, in addition to its therapeutic values, has an impact on self-esteem, this massage being sometimes the only physical contact without judgment that the person receives. .
  • A donation of $ 1000 pays for 4 months of electricity to our supervised transient residence that provides shelter for 8 people living with HIV who seek stability in their lives.

Proud of our 27 years of community involvement; It is possible that we can continue to fight against this epidemic, which still affects many people, despite the many medical advances.

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