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Empowering women through online employment training

Campaign Ends May 30, 2020

Now more than ever immigrant and women living in poverty need our support helping them to build strong behavioral and technical skills required to enter the workforce and obtain a career in the field of their choice. Each year Making Changes assists over 2,500 women and youth access the resources and build skills in preparation for employment.

In order to ensure women don't lose out on valuable training time and are ready to apply for opportunities after the pandemic we are taking our programs online.

Women accessing Making Changes' programs are often in transition. This could be due to various life changes, coming to Canada, barriers to employment, adjustment to new culture or isolation.

For women in a new culture and environment, they may experience fear, denial, anger, sadness, disorientation, frustration, confusion, uncertainty, a sense of loss.  This is made worse by the unprecedented times we are currently experiencing with Covid19.  Making Changes understands their needs and emotions and provides space and secure environment to accept the change.

The Making Changes Employment and Life Skills Program and Women in Technology Program are participatory, inclusive programs that prepare women for their next steps, build leadership skills, a sense of belonging and self-confidence. We create an awareness of Canadian business culture and how to navigate into the Canadian workforce, in addition to teaching a full time 6 month Information and Technology program.

Moving the programs online will help ensure the participants training is not interrupted during the pandemic, but it also means additional resources will be required to conduct one-on-one communication with each student and ensure students have access to all the tools they require.

Each donation will help provide individual support to students and prepare them for employment opportunities.

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