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Registered Name: Making Ourselves Matter Services Society

Business Number: 833898000RR0001

A Four-Year Life Skills Apprenticeship

Campaign Ended Aug. 22, 2018

Every New Beginning Starts With Hope!

Making Ourselves Matter Services Society (MOMSS) is a registered charity, which helps vulnerable, young women, aged 19 -29, to find their way into a successful future. MOMSS offers a four-year apprenticeship program to help these young ladies to become happy and productive members of society. All MOMSS asks for is a commitment from interested young women to spend four years of their life to get out of their difficult situation, to make peace with their past, and to get prepared for their future:  in short - to make a commitment to life! -

Watch our video for a short introduction.

For most of us, children are the greatest gift in life and it does not matter if we think about biological children, adopted children or foster kids. The rewards for loving parents are endless and beyond comparison: a happy and cheerful child, whose love is unconditional.

Not all children experience a lighthearted childhood. Child abuse, violence, drugs and a destructive environment can crush a child’s soul and ruin his or her future. Too often, the cause of their suffering is somebody within their closest surroundings. These children live through a nightmare that becomes reality and very often they blame themselves for their situation.

Among all vulnerable children, foster kids represent a special kind of group who have already lost their parents and their family. The reasons for becoming a foster child are many, but all of them have one thing in common:  they need and hope for a place to live with people who will love them and accept them as one of their family. Sadly, it does not happen all the time.

Even worse, when they turn 19 – the day of their legal age, they cease to be foster kids. This means they lose all government support, they lose their right to have a place to live and, if their foster parents cannot or do not want to support them anymore, they lose their family again.

Based on a government study from 2012, 50.9% of outgrown foster kids end up applying for income assistance within six months after they turned 19. They are traumatized, depressed, very anxious and struggling to build relationships or trust.

That is the point where MOMSS takes action!

MOMSS offers a safe place to live, to learn and to develop their character. During the first two years the young women will graduate grade 12 or start taking classes at college or university level, learn life skills and over 20 healthy habits. They will also volunteer and do other service work to become vibrant members of the community. During the third and fourth year the women will start to live on their own. They will practice their new life skills and abilities, continuing their post-secondary education, help within the community as volunteers and they may also start a new job. MOMSS and their mentors will support, help and guide them on their way into a bright and exciting future.

As a charity MOMSS depends on grants, donations and volunteer work. Please help us to keep this desperately needed service alive and be part of helping the idea grow. You can support one of our participants with CAD 75.00 a day!

Detailed information about our program and possibilities to support our project can be found on our website:

The idea of MOMSS was born in 2010, when a group of three women decided to bridge this gap in the social system and help young women who would not have this advantage otherwise. MOMSS was created to be a positive and nurturing place where these women will each be treated like a daughter. Since this time a lot of work has happened, a lot of barriers have been broken down and a lot of people have been inspired by the idea MOMSS stands for. Over 48,000 hours of volunteering work helped the idea become reality.

Our first residence opened in June 2017 and the demand for one of the rare spots is huge.Our first house is only the initial step. So much more support is needed in our society and MOMSS is ready to help!

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