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In Honour of Betty Curry

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In Honour of Betty Curry
In July 2023, Betty Curry went to be home with our Lord. Betty was a staple at Malagash Bible Camp in the early 2000s as head cook. She worked several full summers and many retreats in the kitchen during that time while in her 70s!
Will you help us honour Betty's legacy by giving to this memorial fund? All money will go directly to Malagash Bible Camp to be used for the purchase of deck chairs. While a humble woman, Betty would enjoy knowing that your generosity is going towards something that will serve the people of Malagash for many generations, as they connect with each other and take in God's glorious creation.
The specific chairs are Tangentwood Lumber Adirondack chairs, available at Costco for just under $200 each. They do not wrought or weather. These chairs will serve as a visual reminder for those who are and will continue to grieve her loss at Malagash. Plans are underway to include an explanatory plaque or something similar as part of this initiative.
Some Betty stories from camp:
Sometimes she would get tired, understandably so, so Philip Mack brought in a tall stool so she could take a little sit-down break while still overseeing the kitchen. Woe to anyone of the kitchen volunteers if they plonked themselves down on her stool! There is of course also the story where she chased away a mouse that got into the kitchen with a fly swatter!
She has been characterized as the “gentle general” in the kitchen, always on top of things but making sure the youngsters did their job before they took off for their free time. She loved playing dominoes during her break and deeply loved camp.
She was an extraordinary lady and a wonderful friend to many, but above all a great servant of our Lord. We are secure in knowing that she is now in the presence of our Lord.