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Motivate Canada empowers young people to be agents of positive change within their communities through Youth-Driven Development™.

MC Motivate Canada


Motivate Canada is a Canadian charitable organization which specializes in Youth Driven Development™ (YDD): a unique youth social impact framework that unlocks the innovation potential of young people while inspiring them to create positive change within their communities. Motivate Canada's ultimate goal is to equip all youth to thrive (body, mind, and soul) in order to reach their full potential for the benefit of Canadian society.

Since its inception in 1994, Motivate Canada has worked to introduce YDD opportunities into the lives of thousands of Canadian youth. From modest beginnings as a single-program organization, Motivate Canada has expanded its reach and now delivers four core YDD initiatives across Canada.

Motivate Canada’s national platforms - the ViaYOUTH Summit, ViaYOUTH ProViaYOUTH Lab, and the GEN7 Indigenous Youth Social Venture - support the organization's 7 Core Values: Impact, Youth Empowerment, Community, Storytelling, Diversity & Inclusion, Innovation, and Sustainability. 

Motivate Canada has a multi-tiered approach to its social impacts:

Canadian Youth - All Canadian youth appreciate their value and are empowered to contribute to meaningful social and economic issues through: 

- Personal Transformation to inspire agency and resiliency 

- Youth Innovation to unlock the innovation potential of young people

- Youth Role Models to help youth realize the potential of youth 

Canadian Communities - Marketing youth-designed solutions to social challenges with the goal to:

- Identify & Engage beneficiaries of all facets of our work

- Collaborate on design and resourcing of youth-led intervention

- Evaluate Impact against our missions and intended impacts

Canadian Society - Canada is actively leveraging the innovation potential of youth for the benefit of Canadian society, looking to:

- Collaborate with like-minded organizations

- Mobilize Knowledge through an evidence-informed approach

- Celebrate community impact storytelling


Motivate Canada envisions a world of empowered youth who are active, healthy, confident, community-minded and inspired to lead change in their communities.

In partnership with like-minded organizations, Motivate Canada incubates and implements youth-driven development initiatives that empower this country’s greatest natural resource – young people!

With your support, Motivate Canada can continue to pursue this shared vision to reach more youth, in more communities, to realize even greater impact.


101-1001 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC, V6H 4E4

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