Informed Opinions

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Our Vision

Informed Opinions amplifies women’s voices for a more democratic Canada.

Our Mission

We work to ensure diverse women’s perspectives and priorities are equitably integrated into Canadian society.

Our Work 

We motivate and train women to make their ideas more accessible to a broader audience and increase their impact. We deliver dynamic, interactive and practical workshops, engaging presentations, and professional editing support. And now, through Informed Opinions’ expert women database we’re making it easier for journalists, conference programmers and others to find diverse women able and willing to offer commentary on a wide range of issues.

Women constitute more than 60 percent of university graduates and hold senior positions in many industries. Their visible leadership – as provincial premiers, university presidents, national news anchors – speaks to the gains made in recent years.

And yet women’s perspectives still remain seriously underrepresented in public discourse.

Recent research has found that women’s voices make up only 29% of those being heard on the air or quoted in print in Canada. That reflects a mere 7% shift in the past two decades. The absence of women’s insight undermines democracy and denies Canada access to the analysis and ideas of many of its best and brightest.

Qualified sources sharing context and ideas through the news media can have a significant impact on society’s policies and priorities. Their informed opinions can help to shape public attitudes and determine how governments spend tax dollars. It is also clear that those organizations and countries making effective use of women’s contributions are more competitive overall, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Our goal is to ensure that women’s perspectives and priorities are equitably integrated into Canadian society.

What People Are Saying

"Informed Opinions brings together groups of brilliant and articulate women and is expertly facilitated to develop and enhance participants’ skills in writing and contributing to public discourse."

— Kim Pate, Executive Director, Coalition of Elizabeth Fry Societies

"Inspiring and fun, the Informed Opinions workshop demystifies the process of writing and submitting an op-ed, delivering hands-on tools and mobilizing participants to engage in one of public discourse’s most influential sources of information."

— Kathleen Cross, Simon Fraser University; Co-Director, Newswatch Canada

"Your helpful session with us at the Council of Women Executives gave me much encouragement to participate in a CBC Ideas program. Thank you for the important role you play in broadening the pool of those who shape public opinion."

— Elly Vandenberg, Senior Director, World Vision Canada

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