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Emergency Relief for Kenya

Campaign Ends June 30, 2020

The global pandemic COVID-19 has raised several concerns for many locations where MVC serves. Many countries are struggling and will continue to in the coming months. Our worker Ishamel Ochieng in Kenya has expressed serious concerns of the upcoming crisis his country will be facing. Serious illness – including death – has occurred, especially among those with extreme underlying health conditions. Kenyans are faced with double tragedy since the Government has declared lockdown as a measure to contain this virus. Unfortunately, the less fortunate living among the community are suffering incredibly due to the lack of food and basic essential services.

Our partners in Kenya have sent a cry for help. There are many individuals who are vulnerable and are currently facing hardship. They will be targeting 300 households with an approximate budget of $30,000. They plan to purchase food, facemasks, and sanitizers that will be properly distributed.

Would you kindly consider supporting Kenyans who are struggling during this crisis? Please know that any amount is greatly appreciated and will make a difference in someone’s life by providing them and their family with food and essential needs!

We are in this together and we will work through this, TOGETHER! 

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