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What is Mito-FIND?

In 2014, with help from a grant from MITOCANADA, Dr. Khan and his team started the MITO-FIND project, which stands for mitochondrial functional and integrative next generation diagnostics, with a goal to use next generation sequencing (NGS) to establish the fastest, least invasive, and least expensive method of diagnosing mitochondrial disease. 

Not satisfied with only making a diagnosis faster and easier on patients, Dr. Khan and his team are putting efforts into finding a cure.

Benefits of Mito-FIND:

- Cheaper and faster testing - what used to take months or years, now takes less than 48 hours for a fraction of the cost

- Non invasive - cheek swab vs invasive muscle biopsy through a painful surgical procedure under general anaesthetic

- Accessible kits are sent in the mail anywhere in Canada

- Produces a higher diagnostic yield (35% vs 20%)

What has Mito-Find accomplished? 190 samples run to date with results yielding many newly diagnosed patients who have been looking for answers for years.

We need to help Dr. Khan and Mito-FIND continue to provide free NGS sequencing to help patients get diagnosed through increased access, quicker testing turnaround, earlier interventions.

More about Mito-Find: Blog Post The Mito-FIND project: Unlocking the secrets to mitochondrial disease with DNA from saliva

How can you help?

Please help us raise funds to continue to provide free access Mito-Find and ultimately find a cure!

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