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Mothers Matter Centre

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Adopt-a-Reader for 2020

Campaign Ended Jan. 1, 2020

25% of Canadian households do not own a single book.

Having books in the home increases the level of education a child will attain. Without early childhood intervention and daily exposure to books, low literacy becomes generational, leading to the current statistic that about 30% of Grade 3 students lack basic literacy skills.

Addressing Low Literacy in Canada

The Mothers Matter Centre's Adopt-a-Reader Campaign set out to change these numbers. Delivered in partnership with First Book Canada, the goal of our annual Adopt-a-Reader Campaign is to inspire reading in Canada and bring more books into family homes. 

How it works:

  • HIPPY families are encouraged to "adopt" a non-HIPPY family in their community.
  • Each family receives 2-3 books at the from their local HIPPY site, free of cost.
  • HIPPY families and "adopted" families are be encouraged to read for 10 minutes a day for the length of the Campaign, recording the time spent reading with their children.
  • At the end of the Campaign, each HIPPY site hosts a Celebration of Reading event to bring all participants together while celebrating the hard work of the HIPPY Coordinators, Home Visitors, and families who make this program possible.
  • Families are gifted a final book at the event.

The Adopt-a-Reader Campaign brings the gift of reading to communities across Canada and reinforces the leadership skills of HIPPY parents by providing them with a structured opportunity to share their knowledge. The campaign also identifies families who may be eligible for the HIPPY program in their community.

Ways to Give:

$25 sponsors a family for the Adopt-a-Reader campaign.

$50 sponsors a HIPPY family and their "adopted" family for the reading campaign.

$100 donates 20 children’s books to the Adopt-a-Reader Campaign.

$200 sponsors a Celebration of Reading event at a HIPPY site.

$1,000 donates 200 children’s books to the Adopt-a-Reader Campaign.

$2,000 enables all HIPPY families and “adopted” non-HIPPY families at a HIPPY site to participate in the Adopt-a-Reader Campaign.

$3,000 enables all participating HIPPY sites to host a Celebration of Reading event for the families who took part in the Adopt-a-Reader Campaign, bringing families together while celebrating their reading accomplishments.

2019 Campaign RESULTS:

  • 17 sites in six provinces offered Adopt-a-Reader to their families.
  • 720 HIPPY families adopted 845 non-HIPPY families to read to their children for 15 minutes everyday for 15 days.
  • 2,377 children participated: 41% 0-3 years of age; 38% 4-5 years of age; 21% over 6 years of age.
  • 5,392 books were given out.
  • 413,606 minutes of reading took place over 15 days.
  • The JOY of reading was sparked in over 1,500 families.

With your help, we can have an even greater impact in 2020!

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