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Music Niagara celebrates the cultural fabric of Niagara-on-the-Lake, by presenting exceptional live musical performances in the unique, intimate settings which are the hallmark of our community.


Music Niagara attracts the finest musicians—from around the world and around the region—to perform both timeless masterworks and culturally-significant and timely signature pieces.

Music Niagara is committed to Canada’s next generation of musical talent, offering real-world performance experience and training.

Music Niagara embraces an eclectic array of traditional and creative venues to strengthen our audience’s personal connection to the performers and its understanding of Niagara heritage.

Music Niagara ensures its music is accessible to everyone by supporting its modest ticket prices through active engagement with donors, supporters and volunteers.

Music Niagara is an active collaborator in our community, seeking partnership opportunities with other Niagara performing arts organizations and the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Music Niagara brings its work to life by providing context and colour to its performances through, lectures, readings and creative presentations.

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247 Ricardo St.

PO. 1828

Niagara on the Lake, ON , L0S 1J0

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