Muslim Food Bank and Community Services Society

Registered Name: Muslim Food Bank and Community Services Society

Business Number: 800720864RR0001

COVID-19 - Emergency Food Hampers & Senior Support

Our foodbank distributes food hampers to nearly 600 families on a bimonthly basis, providing an estimated 3.7 million meals a year to the most at-risk in our society, from homeless individuals in Vancouver’s notorious DTES to newly arrived refugees from war-torn regions.

With COVID-19 massively displacing jobs and disproportionately affecting our most at-risk, seniors and the poor, we’re facing increasing strain, over-extension and a sharp rise in demand for access to our foodbank. Offering essential front-line services, we are committed to continue efforts with all necessary safety precautions. We need your support today to enable us to mobilize quickly and address the fast-changing needs of our community through a 4-month COVID-19 plan that includes:

Essential Food Assistance

Prepackaging of essential food hampers to feed  up to 16,000 at-risk individuals including verified refugees, vulnerable elderly and the impoverished across the lower-mainland. This includes a dedicated team delivering essential food assistance to elders in the community, with a no-contact option.

Emergency Remote Caseworkers for Refugees

Thousands of resettled Syrian refugees in BC, representing nearly 80% of the community, rely on our services for support and to help them navigate the pandemic.

With self-isolation and other current measures imposed by the government, we risk bringing back memories of overcrowded refugee camps and a traumatic state of being in ‘limbo’, the effects of which, especially on those with symptoms of PTSD, may be disastrous. We minimize the adverse psychological consequences of the pandemic by continuing access to over a hundred qualified caseworkers trained in trauma-informed practices, providing one-on-one support through the ordeal. Additionally caseworkers offer an accessible source of credible information in common refugee languages, as opposed to social media rumours, to help flatten the curve. 

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