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Nanaimo Foodshare Society


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COVID-19 Support Fund

Campaign Ended May 31, 2020

Thank you to the community for your continued support of our programs and work.  We are grateful for all the support, but we know there's a lot more work to do. 

To meet the needs of our community during COVID-19, we’re delivering Good Food Boxes to the door, we’re growing more food at our urban farms, and we’ve increased Good Food Box delivery from once a month, to twice a month. Every Good Food Box contains up to 75 servings of fruits and vegetables. That’s almost two weeks’ worth of the Canada Food Guide daily recommendations for an average adult!

But we can’t do it without your support. Nanaimo Foodshare relies on donations from people like you to run the Good Food Box, the Urban Farms, and other local food security programs.

This is such an important time to make sure everyone has access to the food they need to be healthy, no matter what their financial circumstances are or how mobile they may be.

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians are at risk of food insecurity because of the coronavirus, experts are warning. The global pandemic could lead to supply shortages, higher prices and a growing nutrition gap between rich and poor.

Nanaimo Foodshare and our partners are doing everything we can to keep providing food boxes in ways that are safe. We’re doing everything we can to make healthy  food available to those in need. And we’re trying to find ways to do this as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

We are also working on ways to get food hampers and prepared food to the most vulnerable in our community, reinventing our School Meals and Summer Lunch Munch programs, moving our cooking and gardening classes online, and increasing food production on our Urban Farms by a minimum of 30 per cent!  The more food we can grow on our Urban Farms, the more local food can go in to our Good Food Boxes and be available to the community!

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