Infantcare Alberta (Formerly NeighbourLink Calgary)

Registered Name: Infantcare Alberta Inc.

Business Number: 894175975RR0001

Our Programs

To fulfill our commitment to the community and build on the tradition of service that has defined our organization, this is a campaign to create opportunity, ensure competitiveness and enhance quality of life. All of the objectives are directed toward a single vision: to advance infant health, specifically brain development, in the children of Alberta through education, nutrition and sleep supports at the most efficient non-profit organization in Canada. Infantcare Alberta programs do not only provide children with greater opportunity of reaching their potential through the support of healthy brain development but also seeks to ease the burden on our social services, education, health and correctional systems. 

Child poverty in Alberta is a moral issue but also an economic issue. The hardships endured by children manifest themselves in numerous ways: increased likelihood of addiction, lower graduation rates, a greater chance of incarceration, less chance of completing post-secondary education and of course the looming possibility of inter-generational poverty. Our programs provide families with financial relief as sleep and nutritional supports are provided and guaranteed for a year at a time. Families enrolled in the program are required to engage their case worker and provide a self improvement plan as part of the application. Through collaboration with our partner agencies we are able to help these families with life's challenges and directly assist children in realizing their full potential through healthier brain development.

We ask you to join us and enable the next generation and succeeding generations of Alberta's youth to realize their full potential as individuals, build meaningful lives and contribute to the vibrancy of our province.

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