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Nelson Civic Theatre Society

Registered Name: Nelson Civic Theatre Society

Business Number: 811788702RR0001

Supporting and Promoting our Community Engagement Programs

Campaign Ended June 30, 2018

It is awful to hear the following words after events: "I sure wish I'd known about it before, because I would have loved to have come!" The Civic Theatre has started a number of social engagement activities for seniors, youth, and families, as well as other social segments of our community. However, our capacity to advertise these diverse programs is limited. Our biggest issue is getting word out to the community about events like these, even when they are free of charge. 

Funds raised through this campaign will support design costs, social media boosts, and virtual and printed advertising for our programs, making sure that our information about these events can reach the people who would appreciate them most.

If we won $10,000 in the Great Canadian Giving Challenge, we would use it to support our FREE programs for youth, families, and seniors, including:

- Pre- and post-screening conversations and talk-backs

- Education opportunities through collaboration with initiatives like the Nelson Youth Network

- Content creation for the annual ReelYouth Film Festival

- Annual family-oriented events like the Zombie Walk and the Home for the Holidays Winter Celebration of Family and Friends.

We would also use it to:

- Further develop partnerships with community organizations (such as Kalein Hospice Society’s Liminal Learning Labs and Nelson and District Arts Council’s Rural Artists Support Weekend) to amplify their work

- Meet specific interests voiced by the community

- Grow dialogue opportunities

- Reduce isolation among at-risk groups

- ...and much more!

Getting word out is so important: it impacts our bottom line, which is directly related to our ability to continue to program exciting and engaging content that meet the needs and interests of people in our local community.

Thank you for supporting our community engagement programs!

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