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New Hope Community Bikes

Registered Name: New Hope Community Bikes

Business Number: 847169844RR0001

Changing Gears: A New Home for New Hope Community Bikes

Campaign Ended Nov. 30, 2018

A Community Space for Bicycle Education

We’re building a new space to serve the growing cycling community of Hamilton. Our new location will feature ten workstations for DIY bike repair, storage facilities for tools and parts, and space to run classes for large groups and receive more help from volunteers.

Who We Are

New Hope Community Bikes (NHCB) is a charitable not-for-profit that was started in 2008, out of a recognized need for a place where people can learn bike repair skills and have access to affordable new and used bike parts.

We function as a bike donation centre and a community workspace for Do-it-yourself (DIY) repair as well as a full-service bike shop offering sales and repairs. At the heart of everything we do is cycling education. At NHCB, our mechanics work alongside community members, volunteers, and do-it-yourselfers. We offer on-the-spot repair advice and education and offer more structured programs, like our monthly Basic Bike Repair course and our twice- monthly Women’s Nights. 

Beyond our shop, our Ride Smart in-school cycle education program has taught cycling skills and safety techniques to over 4,000 elementary school children using a fleet of bikes and helmets that we bring to schools. Reaching further still, in 2018 we helped to launch a shipping container bike shop 2000km away in Pikangikum, ON. Local youth in Pikangikum used the space to loan out bikes, offer group mountain bike rides, and maintain the fleet of bikes.

Each year we refurbish over 400 donated bikes and put them back on the road as affordable, reliable transportation. We also rent cargo bikes for less than the price of a monthly bus pass. These bikes offer new possibilities of what can be done by bike allowing people to move kids and goods around their neighbourhoods with ease and the wind in their face.

The Need

NHCB has operated out of 5 different locations in the last 9 years. Although we love being a part of the community at the corner of Main St. and Kenilworth Ave. our current site is too small to accomplish our goals.

With only five workstations, it can quickly get crowded, especially during the busy summer biking season. Without any elbow room, it becomes difficult for our mechanics and instructors to give each and every community member the attention and help they deserve while working on their bikes.

Our current storefront and storage capacity is limited, meaning space that could be used for education and repairs is instead used for displaying merchandise and storing bikes and spare parts.

We like to dream big - our current shop has given cyclists a place to learn about and work on their bikes, but with a larger and more effecient space we feel that there is more we can do to benefit our community.

We have secured a mortgage through the Hamilton Community Foundation and have purchased a new 3,000 sure foot building. 

The Vision

In addition to growing our capacity by doubling the number of workstations, expanding our storefront and storage capacities and allowing for larger class and volunteer group sizes - the new location will let us to do even more.

One of our dreams has been to create a space for young kids to learn and practice bike skills year round. Our new building will feature an open floor plan, allowing us to designate space for drop-in programming focused on learning to ride. This will be a safe and friendly space for families to connect, where parents can bring their children year-round to be active and inspired to ride.

The new space will feature larger usable space and allow us to develop more robust volunteer and educational programming. We will also have a fully accessible floorplan that will allow us to welcome  both wheelchair and accessibility device repair. 

Finally, our new space will provide long-term stability through building ownership. While our previous locations have been rented, this one will be wholly owned by NHCB, meaning that it will serve as a community hub for cycle repair and education for years to come. 

Timeline and Budget

Our new building is located at 1249  Main Street East, just a few blocks west of our current location. With a mortgage backed by the Hamilton Community Foundation, we are able to plan for the long-term continued success of New Hope Community Bikes. 

To make the building ready for occupancy many renovations will need to be completed, new tools and equipment will need to be purchased to fill workstations and the storefront. To make this happen, we will need to raise nearly $40,000.

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