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New Hope Community Bikes

Registered Name: New Hope Community Bikes

Business Number: 847169844RR0001

Keeping the Cadence: Building Campaign

Campaign Ended March 31, 2018

New Hope Community Bikes has worked out of 5 locations in 8 years and our current store front location with only five workstations is too small to properly allow for do-it-yourself repairs, volunteer and staff repairs, skill building workshops and volunteer groups. This site is also along the LRT corridor and will be subject to partial expropriation. 

Our store front has always provided  everyone with access to professional quality repair tools, and knowledgeable staff available to further each person’s repair skills. Tool usage and stand time is available on a pay what you can sliding scale of $0-10/hr. 

The renovated, larger space  will once again be a space of community transformation. It will serve as a hub for bicycle related programming and community activities and expand our capacity for volunteers, summer students, co-op placements, and DIY repairs. This new home will be built to suit the needs of NHCB and the local community it supports.

If you take a look at any professional cyclist you will notice how quickly they spin their pedals. In the cycling world pedal turnover is called cadence; cadence is what allows a cyclist to go the distance, to use the right muscle groups and to finish the race. New Hope Community Bikes, as an organization, has found its cadence: the consistent activities that allow us to achieve  our Mission, Vision and Values. 

New Hope Community Bikes is a place where everyone is encouraged to get their hands dirty and participate in the restoration process. It is a place where time and effort are put into repairing reliable, old classic bikes, and a place where these repairs can be accomplished with a second hand part rather than a shiny new one. 

The idea of our ‘dirty hands, new hope’ philosophy, is that through hard work and physical effort we can transform a broken bike into something usable for years to come. The same applies to the space we occupy, we’ve transformed community sore spots into spaces of learning and relationships, and transformed unskilled bike riders into proficient bike mechanics. All of these transformations are possible but they require hard work and dirty hands. 

The final piece of our ‘dirty hand, new hope’ philosophy is that we are a place where everyone can learn and work on the same plane, where those who make a living on their bicycle can fix their bike across the workbench from someone with a doctorate degree, where co-op students pass on the skills they’ve learned to New Canadians, and where even skilled mechanics are open to learning how to do something a new way.

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