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Everesting: Summiting 8,800m for New Hope Community Bikes

New Hope Community Bikes

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Saturday, October 27, 2018 - 805 Hwy 8, Stoney Creek ON 7am-7pm

(Fruitland CRC - Basecamp)

Everesting Participants will be committing to ride anywhere from a quarter to the entire height of Everest depending on how many people they choose to have on their team. Teams of up to 4 will climb a total of 8,800 m in one day. Using the Hamilton escarpment (~95m) as our summit climb, teams will need to complete 92 summits. 

Two Formats for Maximum Participation

Base Camp Summit - Participants may choose to participate as a team of up to four people with the goal of climbing 8800m of total elevation over the duration of the day. The number of summits per person may vary (laps per person don’t have to be the same) as long as the total elevation for the team equals the goal of 8,800m. The elevation of the escarpment at this location is 95m meaning each team must complete 92 laps.

Satellite Sträva Summit - For those who can’t attend the event day but still wish to participate they can use their Strava/Garmin account to complete their portion of the team’s elevation on any day within 10 days before or after the event. This means you can have a team of 4, with 3 riders riding the day of the event at base camp, and one satellite rider committed to riding their portion on a different day/different location/or at home on smart trainer. Register here whether riding the day of, or as a satellite rider. 

Base Camp will be set up at Fruitland CRC, approximately 1km from the event hill. Food, hydration, washroom facilities, repair support and first aid will be available at this location.

The event will allow up to 10 teams to register but sell out beyond that do to logistics and location. The goal is to raise a total of $5,000 ($1,000/team, $250/team member) for our new building at 1249 Main St. E. 


What’s the Best Bike for the Ride?

The summit route maxes out at 10% gradient. Inexperienced riders will find this tough to ride up without standing unless they have a nearly 1:1 gear ratio on a road bike or less than 1:1 on a mountain bike. 

How to figure that out? Count the number of teeth you have on the smallest chainring on the front and the number on the largest cog at the back. E.g. 26” Wheel MTB 22T Front / 32T Rear =1:0.688, 27.5” Wheel MTB 30T / 46T = 1:0.65, 700c Road Bike 28T / 28T = 1:1 Meaning each pedal stroke provides one or less rotation of a wheel if you want to be able to sit and spin up the climb. 

Any bike with an easy gear ratio as described above should be suitable for the event. Two working brakes are also essential for participation. 

Is there a Safety inspection? 

Each rider’s bike must be inspected for proper brake function prior to receiving sticker qualifying her/him to participate in the event. 

What’s the total ride distance with a team of 4?

A rider on a four person team will each ride 50-60km of total distance to accomplish the 2200m of elevation gain, depending on how many trips back to base camp he/she makes.