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Norfolk Pregnancy & Family Resource Centre

Registered Name: Norfolk Pregnancy Centre Inc.

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Norfolk Needs NPC

Campaign Ended Aug. 31, 2018

At Norfolk Pregnancy & Family Resource Centre, we know that every day on this earth is a gift. We need to celebrate this gift and learn from the challenges. We are not going to wait until NPC is 10 years old to celebrate. We are starting the celebration now! Norfolk Pregnancy & Family Resource Centre has been serving the families of Norfolk for 8 years! That is over 400 families helped at NPC. That is 462 babies born. 539 children benefiting from their parents attending parenting education. Those are things worth celebrating!

You too can join in the celebration.

NPC needs $10 000 by September 1 2018, to ensure that the life transforming programs and services are able to be provided FREE to Norfolk families.

"How will my donation help? "

NPC is starting 2 new programs and reintroducing 2 programs. The valuable Earn While You Learn: Partners in Parenting Program will continue with updated and new curriculum. The care closet is filled thanks to amazing donors who provide the formula, diapers, clothing for the family, blankets & quilts, hygiene items and cleaning supplies.

You can find a complete list of all available programs and services on the website

Sarah came to the Norfolk Pregnancy & Family Resource Centre 4 years ago after the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) had apprehended her 6th child. She came to us looking for help with her parenting skills, in hopes of having her son returned to her care. Sara’s previous 5 children had been apprehended by by CAS and placed with family. Sarah has been able to have contact with some of these children, which she is grateful for. During her time with us, Sarah became pregnant again.

Her little girl was apprehended at birth and placed with a foster family. Over the course of the following months, she finally had the courage and strength to end the abusive relationship which was one of the reasons CAS apprehended. She found a safe and suitable place to live where she is receiving help and support.

Sarah continues to be monitored by CAS at present and is required to continue with parenting classes at the Centre. Sarah has said that the Norfolk Pregnancy & Family Resource Centre has been instrumental in getting her daughter back.

It is such a joy to see the healthy happy Sarah every week, and she now comes to the centre with her little girl, where they can grow and learn together.

“ Why are these programs important?”

Grief is definitely not something to celebrate. However, with the 2 grief support programs, parents can begin to heal the brokenness they are feeling and start to celebrate their personal achievements. Living with Empty Shoes is for parents who are grieving the loss of a child through adoption or apprehension and Living in Colour (c) helps those who are carrying the pain of a past abortion. NPC, with your help, can educate, empower and equip individuals to move forward and heal from their grief. It allows them to find light, begin to let go of the past, and to celebrate the present.

At Norfolk Pregnancy & Family Resource Centre we find that most of our clients have not learned the basic life skills required to create & sustain a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families. We have come to know this as "learned helplessness". Life Skills like cooking, cleaning, laundry, and money management were not taught to our clients by their parents and/ or guardians. These clients then become parents themselves, and the cycle of "learned helplessness" is created.

At Norfolk Pregnancy & Family Resource Centre, we strive to break that cycle of "learned helplessness" by providing these basic skills and others, at no cost to our clients in the Parenting and Life Skills Group. Parents will learn how to budget their money. How to use flyers and coupons to shop. How to learn to read a recipe and cook healthy meals for their families with low cost items, and items commonly found in the food bank. This cooking program "You're the Chef" is taught in partnership with the Haldimand Norfolk Health Unit. Household management is also stressed in this group, as well as job searching. We at NPC feel that helping parents with a hand up rather than a hand out equips and empowers them to build healthy families and become contributing members in our community.

We have taken the cooking part of this successful program and included it in our n'Courage youth program. Sadly, some of our youth are the caregivers for their families due to illness, addiction, absentee parents, and/or the time limitations of single parenthood. n'Courage provides youth ages 10-13 with self esteem building, healthy relationships, confidence, and social skills required to successfully navigate their teens and beyond. Now we are including the "You're the Chef" program in n'Courage so the youth will be taught to cook healthy meals for their families with low cost items and items commonly found in the food bank. Self esteem is built through group discussions, guest speakers, crafts, games and just being in a safe, relaxed, and fun atmosphere.

One of our n'Courage girls said:

"I love to come to n'Courage. I learn really cool stuff like how to talk to people and how to make friends. This is a safe spot I can come and forget about everything.”

This outcome is worth celebrating. You can celebrate and help NPC make it to 9 years of serving Norfolk's marginalized families. Help NPC make a difference in the lives of Norfolk families by providing the funds to be able to offer these programs FREE. Funds raised will be used to purchase the food and materials for these programs.

Will you celebrate with us? 8 years of helping Norfolk families is definitely something to celebrate.

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