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Central Fetal Monitoring for Mothers and Babies

You have the chance to give hope to every one of our newborns.

The most important thing during labour and delivery is response time when there is a concern.

Thanks to many of you, our babies now have the advantage of being born at a state-of-the-art hospital, with the capacity to support advanced medical equipment and new treatment methods.

Our goal now is to meet the need for a Central Fetal Monitoring System for every mother and child in labour and delivery. It will provide a vital window into the womb and gives valuable medical information to the care team such as:

  • Remote on-line monitoring of every baby’s heart rate and the mother’s uterine contractions and vital signs.
  • “Real-time” assessment – physicians can instantly access all data from a smart phone, home or office.
  • Important qualitative diagnostic aid for time-critical, life-saving decisions and interventions.
  • Electronic medical record allows archiving of data, which will allow nurses to spend more time with patients.
  • The monitoring data may be archived electronically for up to 30 years.
  • Nurses can view all monitors at one time.
  • Electronic charting of mother and baby can begin from the time the mother arrives as a pre-delivery patient through delivery and then as a postpartum patient, and allows for a new electronic chart to be started on the baby while in the nursery.
  • It can monitor a mother and her triplets.

With the ability of obstetricians to be able to view the monitoring remotely doctors can assess the diagnostics and determine a course of action, even while on their way to the hospital.

The system costs $1.25 million.

Your gift today will provide state-of-the-art technology for our littlest patients.

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