Northumberland Community Counselling Centre

Registered Name: Northumberland Community Counselling Centre

Business Number: 840843825RR0001

Our Mission

Northumberland Community Counselling Centre (NCCC) will promote healthy communities by encouraging individuals to access counselling services when challenged by life issues. NCCC will offer direct support to couples, families and individuals of all ages through counselling and education. NCCC will be readily accessible to all residents of Northumberland County in a timely manner regardless of economic circumstances.

About Our Charity

Northumberland Community Counselling Centre (NCCC) provides responsive, accessible, affordable programs and services for all ages residing in Northumberland County. Services include professional counselling, support, information, education and advocacy for individuals, couples, families, workplaces and groups.

NCCC is strength based, culturally competent and community focused for enhancing personal and relationship capacity, connection to resources and building strong communities.


The lion's share of clients NCCC sees are supported through community giving and specific funded programs. No one is turned away. Your generous donation affords “seat time” with a certified mental health care professional. Please invest in your community—it may be a friend that you are helping.

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