Northumberland Community Counselling Centre

Registered Name: Northumberland Community Counselling Centre

Business Number: 840843825RR0001

People all across Northumberland are suffering and don’t have the means to get the therapy they desperately need. That’s where you come in. With your support, we will be able to serve everyone who needs us regardless of their ability to pay.

If it wasn’t for NCCC, many people would be stuck in their situation for years, potentially affecting their entire family and their future.

How You Can Help

A $180 donation will fund a couple’s or family session with one of NCCC’s professional therapists.

A $120 donation will fund a full individual’s session with one of NCCC’s professional therapists.

Any level of donation will impact the Northumberland Community Counselling Centre’s ability to provide professional therapy for those less fortunate. Please give what you can.

Funding Sources

The lion's share of clients NCCC sees is supported through community giving and specific funded programs. No one is turned away. Your generous donation affords “seat time” with a certified mental health care professional. Please invest in your community—it may be a friend or neighbour that you are helping.

What we do

In its tenth year, the Northumberland Community Counselling Centre promotes healthy communities by providing individuals and families mental health clinical services when challenged by life issues. Northumberland Community Counselling Centre provides direct support to couples, families and individuals of all ages through psychotherapy and education.

Over the last three years, demand for our services has more than tripled. In 2018 the NCCC worked with approximately 1200 families and individuals to help them cope with their mental health issues. – And we expect this number to keep growing

We know that too many people are not getting the addiction and mental health care they need. We know that too many are waiting too long for care when they need it most. We know that our community is facing an unprecedented rise in drug use, youth mental health issues and domestic violence. We also know that we can change this.

Our vision is to be Northumberland County’s leader in providing prompt effective mental health and wellness services to everyone who needs it.

What People Are Saying

"I was abused by my mother’s boyfriend at age 7. I was just a little kid. I didn’t realize that wasn’t supposed to happen. I thought it was normal. Ever since I’ve had all these flashbacks in my brain about all the terrible things that happened to me. That’s what led me to make some bad decisions. "

— Josh, age 21

"For fifteen years I lived on the streets. With mental illness and addiction issues caused by trauma that I suffered as a child, I found myself living the hard life of homelessness. It’s a tough cycle to get out of. When I literally couldn’t survive anymore, I looked for help."

— John, 42 Mature Student

"One day, I had such a strong feeling to kill myself that I left work early without saying anything to anyone, bought some cigarettes, went home, tied a noose over a top-floor banister and just sat there, smoking and looking at it."

— Josh, 33 Product Developer

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