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11th Annual Wallace Memorial Birdathon 2019 hosted by the Northumberland Land Trust


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Support the Northumberland Land Trust and enter the contest here.

Six expert birders will cover the Northumberland Land Trust’s six Nature Reserves for a maximum of 24 hours in any 24-hour period of their choice sometime in May.

When supporters sponsor one of our birders, they can make a guess at the total number of species the six birders will record; the closest guess will win 2L (or1L if there are multiple closest guesses) of delicious Northumberland County Maple Syrup (hint: in the past, guesses have ranged from 35 to 500, but the winning guesses have not been anywhere near either of these numbers!)

For a sponsorship of $75 or more, a maximum of 11 sponsors can choose to accompany one of the expert birders for all or part (to be negotiated) of their 24 hours. Accompanying one of the birders is a great opportunity to get a close look at an NLT nature reserve and enjoy some fabulous birding – as last year showed, you never know what will turn up!

You can support this Northumberland Land Trust in this important fundraiser by completing the DONATION FORM BELOW

To enter the contest complete the "JOIN AS AN INDIVIDUAL" section to the right near the top of this page and follow the instructions to complete your guess or travel with your chosen birder.

You will receive a charitable receipt for any sponsorship donation of $20 or more which can be used to claim a tax deduction.

Please remember that although the birders will try to choose good days, poor weather is possible and some of the walking could be wet or on rough ground.

All the funds raised will be used for acquisition costs and stewardship of the Northumberland Land Trust nature reserves: maintaining fences, controlling invasive species, preserving habitat for at-risk species, creating trails, and setting out bird nest boxes.

Introducing our birders:

Ben Walters (McEwen Nature Reserve)

Ben has studied many species of birds on his way to his PhD., and was one of the authors of the Management Plan for the McEwen Nature Reserve.

Paulette Hebert (Pelton Nature Reserve)

Paulette is a keen birder who is on the Board of the Lone Pine Land Trust; she has again volunteered to take on the challenging terrain of the Pelton Nature Reserve.

David Geale (Chub Point Nature Reserve)

David is a professional bird and butterfly tour guide who spends a lot of his time in South America. He has agreed to cover Chub Point Nature Reserve.

Roger Frost (Leckey Nature Reserve)

Roger has been involved in the Wallace Memorial Birdathon for many years, starting long before it became the Northumberland Land Trust’s fundraiser; he will again be scouring the varied habitats of the Leckey Nature Reserve.

Doug McRae (Jack van Nostrand Nature Reserve)

Doug is another bird guide and Lone Pine Land Trust Board member who has birded the Chub Point Nature Reserve for the Northumberland Land Trust since 2016. This year he will visit “Jack’s Marsh”.

Kurt Appleman (Laurie Lawson Outdoor Education Centre)

Kurt has been an enthusiastic birder since he spotted his first Pileated Woodpecker as a young boy. He has known the late Norma Wallace for many years and is happy to be involved with a tradition started by her and her late husband Charlie. He will be birding the Laurie Lawson Outdoor Education Centre.

Many thanks to our six expert birders and to you for your support of this important work.