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Aphasia Nova Scotia

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The Nova Scotia Aphasia Association (NSAA) is hosting another aphasia camp on September 1-4,2017. The camp is partnered with March of Dimes Canada, and Brigadoon Village. We had 13 adult campers and 10 volunteers last year and hope to have even more campers this year. NSAA would like to offer the camp annually. With your help we can offer this camp for Nova Scotians who have aphasia!

Aphasia is a language disorder caused by acquired brain injuries like stroke, head trauma, brain cancer, neurological diseases, and brain infection. Most of the people who have aphasia had a stroke. In Nova Scotia there are 1300 - 1400 strokes each year, and 30% of stroke survivors will have aphasia. That means that each year, there will be +400 Nova Scotians who will have aphasia!

Aphasia affects speech, reading, writing and understanding of language. Thus, it is considered a communication disorder because of the challenges that language skills play on communication.

Nova Scotia Aphasia Camp pilot was successful and we hope it will continue! The only complaint of campers was that the camp should have been longer! 

About the Camp:

The Stepping into Life….Together! Aphasia Camp is a retreat camp exploring nature held in September. The Camp brings together people with aphasia.

The mission of the Aphasia Camp:

To offer people with aphasia opportunities, activities, and resources to gain confidence and facilitate success within an aphasia-friendly environment.

This safe environment encourages choice-making, goal-directed actions, self-challenges, and participation. People with aphasia improve speech in a practical manner while having natural fun!



  • Have a holiday in an aphasia-friendly environment
  • Learn and share with others who are living with aphasia. You are not alone!
  • Experience new or adapted recreational and leisure activities


Environmental Strategies that Improve Social Participation at Aphasia Camp:

Modification increase access… reduce fatigue, physical modifications for activity, language modifications for activities

Location & SettingBrigadoon Village is nestled in the heart of the Annapolis Valley on the shores of beautiful Aylesford Lake, Nova Scotia. Brigadoon Village is approximately 15 minutes from Kentville and New Minas.

1650 North River Road, South Alton, Nova Scotia


Tel: 902.681.8100


Staff training…to facilitate communication, to facilitate participation and to make environment accessible

Shared activities…meals, sessions, events, evening campfires, hikes & walks, conservations by the fireplace, conversations, boat ride, singing

Support staff and peers…knowledge of aphasia challenges all campers to participate, confidence to try new things, empower campers to face fears, overcome barriers, encouraging campers to feel safe to try a challenging activity like canoeing, archery, or golfing

Aphasia-friendly documents…facilitate camper choice making.