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Oceans Research and Conservation Association - ORCA

Registered Name: Oceans Research and Conservation Association - ORCA

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The Dolphin Project

Campaign Ended July 14, 2017

The dolphin conservation project at Oceans Research and Conservation Association has built up an impressive, long-term, and globally unique dataset on wild Pacific white-sided dolphins off northern Vancouver Island. Using non-invasive conservation science tools, our project has estimated, for the first time, many life-history parameters for the species. Our dolphin project aims to monitor and protect these species that are somehow both charismatic and under the conservation radar.  

Continuity is key to the success of the dolphin project. In order to continue working towards dolphin conservation and sustainability of their ecosystem, we need need support to maintain a long-term photo-identification study, to learn more about the impact of ocean noise on the dolphins' environment, and to better understand their social networks. Your contribution will support fieldwork, logistics, our scientific team, and essential equipment. Your support also ensures that the results of our studies are shared with decision-makers and engaged people like you so that we can ensure the sustainability of our ocean wildlife. By sharing lessons learned, we help build capacity of Canada's nonprofit sector to engage in effective conservation science.

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