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OCISO, Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization


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OCISO 40th anniversary fundraising campaign - Real English

Campaign Ended Feb. 3, 2019

Real English needs your support!

The Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO) has launched a special 40th anniversary fundraising campaign, in support of a remarkable newcomer language learning program called “Real English!”

Real English touches the lives of a unique group of newcomers to Canada: non-progressing language learners.

A large number of non-progressing students are refugees aged 50+. They can spend 3 years in Literacy Foundations class without experiencing academic success often due to mental/emotional issues, trauma, physical disabilities or illness, or simple age-related factors.

Few newcomer programs are interested in this group as it is felt they are unlikely to contribute to the economy; however, they have much to contribute if they can develop basic English literacy and begin to connect in the community.

Real English works because it is learning by doing. After all, a person who is unable to read and write can still learn English through spoken activities and kinesthetic learning. 

Real English has received funding from the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, which covers one class 3 mornings a week for 12 students. The demand far exceeds our current capacity. 

OCISO’s 40th anniversary fundraising campaign is being launched to help us expand Real English, to allow this unique program to touch the lives of many more newcomer language learners.

Thank you for your support!

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