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100 Full-day Festivals Across Ontario with the Knights in the Classroom

Campaign Ended June 29, 2019

The Knights in the Classroom has been offering their amazing onsite workshops for over 8 years. You can see the amazing feedback their hard work has received here as well as on their website. During that time the only objection they cannot overcome when solidifying a booking is cost. Some schools, especially those in inner-cities, rural areas and socioeconomically downtrodden communities, cannot afford special events or workshops. The goal of this campaign is to overcome this hurdle by procuring enough funds to visit 100 schools across Ontario with their amazing full-day event. 

The full-day Festival is differentiated learning at its very best! It is designed for grades 1 through 8 and can accommodate up to 120 students per Festival. Students are divided into four groups and rotate through the four teacher selected sessions. These sessions offer a wide variety of learning styles and experiences. The Knights in the Classroom are known for "bringing the curriculum to life!" and this is how they do so: with authentic, tactile and memorable experiences that teachers alone cannot provide. Sessions include Fencing 101 where students get to try the modern sport of Olympic fencing with all the proper equipment, Historical Dance where students learn different styles of dance from different periods in history from all over the world, Siege Weapons where participants build structures using science, technology, engineering and mathematics, then try and knock them down using the custom made catapult, That Was Then, This Is Now which is a traveling, hands-on museum where students explore daily life in ancient times, Watercolour 101 where children get to learn the ancient art from an experienced, professional artist - and many more! Following the four rotations the students gather in the gym for a reenactment of the Tournament as the culminating activity for the day. This features a variety of activities including an archery demonstration, historical martial arts demonstration featuring combatants in full reproduction armour as well as Q&A session. The event is customized to the individual school's timetable and is a tremendously memorable experience! 

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