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The Journey of Reading

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

Will you help a child start the life-changing journey of reading?

For 30 years, ONE TO ONE has helped children open doors to a brighter future—doors that would stay shut without your support.

Now in our 30th year, we’re strengthening our reach so that hundreds more children can experience the life-changing journey of reading. 

Lauren’s own journey of reading began decades ago. As a child, Lauren’s mother lined their home with books. This delighted young Lauren, who was a creative and imaginative kid. But when her mom passed away, Lauren started to feel scared.

Lauren began quietly struggling to read. At the time, no one knew she learned differently. Because her brain learns visually, picture books were Lauren’s saving grace. But by eighth grade, she felt overwhelmed.

“I didn’t understand what I was reading,” Lauren explains. “I felt alone. I was bullied for it, even outside of school. People would say ‘Oh don’t ask her—she can’t read!’ I just didn’t understand how to figure it out.”

That year, a dedicated tutor came alongside Lauren with patience and care. “It was so relieving,” Lauren shares. “She started helping me understand the words on the page.” Lauren only worked with her tutor for a year, but that year changed her life. “Learning built my confidence!”

Working with her tutor, Lauren developed a toolkit of reading resources. These tools made Lauren feel empowered in reading. “It opened up so many doors!”

As Lauren’s literacy grew, whole worlds opened up. As well as building essential literacy skills, Lauren’s confidence blossomed. Suddenly, life wasn’t so isolating.

“Learning to read was about so much more than school,” Lauren explains. “If you can’t read, you can’t participate in life. Your life becomes really small. You can’t really move forward.”

Because of caring and supportive adults, Lauren was able to move forward, building a bright future for herself. Today, Lauren is a talented writer, enthusiastic reader, and a caring ONE TO ONE tutor—all because someone came along with patience and care.

There are so many more children who are silently struggling to read without any help. Will you help them begin the journey of reading with a one-time gift today?

This winter, The Francis Family Fund will match all gifts dollar for dollar up to $15,000 until December 31—extending your generosity even further!

“When you can’t read, it’s frustrating,” Lauren reflects. “It creates isolation. It creates loneliness. I don’t want any kid to feel as alone as I felt.” Please join Lauren in giving someone else the gift of a caring, patient tutor.

Would you give a child like Lauren the life-long gift of literacy?

To express our gratitude, all gifts over $250 will be thanked on ONE TO ONE’s new website. In addition, all new monthly donors will be entered to win a framed print of Canadian modernist Laura Muntz’s beautiful painting The Children’s Hour.

Please give generously, and help a struggling child start the life-changing journey of reading today.

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