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Coffee Campaign

Help sponsor a coffee service for our childhood cancer parent support group drop-ins at SickKids!

Stressed parents know that it's more than just a cup of coffee. It helps many get through their day. It's an icebreaker that helps start conversations with our Parent Liaisons and other parents. It's an opportunity for socialization and to make new connections in what can sometimes feel like an overwhelmingly isolating experience. It helps to make our drop-ins the welcoming and comforting environments they are.

OPACC wants to continue providing our coffee service - which includes not just Starbucks coffee, but also tea and treats - for our families. With the addition of new staff, we are also expanding to provide this FREE service every day. While we still rely on the generosity of local Starbucks stores to provide us with discounts and occasional donations, the larger cost still falls to OPACC.

OPACC will be pleased to accept donations to help us keep this valuable service that benefits so many. For just $30, you can sponsor a coffee service for a day! If you choose, your generosity would be acknowledged publicly with a sign prominently displayed next to the coffee reading "Today's coffee service has been generously sponsored by..." together with your name, family name, or company name and website (we'll be in touch for the details). 

Please help sponsor a coffee service today, because "it's more than just a cup of coffee." Thank you!

If you select to sponsor this program monthly for one year (either with a one-time donation of $360 or twelve monthly donations of $30), we will be pleased to acknowledge your donation by creating a flyer to display at the hospital on the day of your monthly donation (we will work with you to design the wording of the flyer, whether it be acknowledging an individual, a family, a group, a business, etc.)

Words from our families about the coffee service:

"The coffee service at the clinic on the 8th floor at Sick Kids has saved me many a Monday morning when I can't leave my girl to get a coffee downstairs. Thank you for giving us a little boost on what can be a very long day!" - Kelley P.

"The coffee, treats, information and smiles were a huge comfort for Pierre and I as our son went through his lengthy treatment. In the beginning this offering helped us in a time when we were overwhelmed with the situation. Later the coffee time became like a good hug and affirmation that everything will turn out alright - and it has. Thank you." - Christa B.

"It is amazing what conversation from those who get it, shared over refreshments, can do." - Michelle C.

"The coffee service at Sick Kids has been a nice little treat during our clinic days on Thursdays." - Besmira G.

"I appreciate the coffee/tea mornings so much that the simple gesture can make one's day during a storm of chaos." - Sharon P.

"The coffee and treats were so thoughtful and very much needed." - Amy A.