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Italy Performance Tour 2020

Campaign Ends June 1, 2020

This year, the most advanced choir of the Ottawa Children's Choir is traveling to Italy to sing in historical places such as the Vatican and Pantheon in Rome. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many of the choristers as many of them have never been to Europe before. 

39 of the choir's 44 choristers are signed up to attend this trip, along with 8 chaperones, the OCC conductor and accompanist and 8 family additional family members. 

In order to assure as many children as possible could attend this trip the OCC has offered financial aid to all the choristers and promised reimbursement if enough funds are raised. We are hoping to bring down the choristers total price of the trip to under $2000 a chorister. Currently the ticket price alone is sitting at $3500. This is a $170 000 endeavor. 

Your donation would go towards food, accommodation, staffing, OCC Fleece Jacket and Tour backpack for all the choristers. 

$1000 would pay for the backpack for the entire group

$1500 would pay for the Fleece jackets for the entire group

$3500 pays for one chorister to attend the trip

Smaller amounts also go a long way to paying for these larger expenses. 

Thank you for any help you can offer!

$142,000 raised out of $170,000 goal

83.5294117647% Complete
3 months to go