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'Break the Cycle' Spin-A-Thon


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Campaign Ends May 6, 2017
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Our total goal for this years' Spin-A-Thon is $25,000, and we are asking our dynamic spinners to come together to raise $17,500 of that goal! 

In just a few short months, 2017 has seen empowering and important international initiatives, such as the Women’s March and A Day Without A Woman. Millions of people globally are standing for gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. In Canada, The Globe and Mail has also recently published their ‘Unfounded’ series, which exposes and challenges how 1 in 5 sexual assault claims brought to police are considered baseless.

In this current political and social climate, ensuring continued survivor-centered and confidential support is crucial. We are seeing a distinct increase in demand for ORCC’s services, which remain entirely free of charge for survivors seeking support.

We hear so many people voicing their anger, their sadness, and their frustration with the systems that continue to blame and discredit survivors. Now is the perfect time to take action: we are asking the Ottawa community to rally, roll, and raise in our 6th annual ‘Break the Cycle’ Spin-A-Thon fundraiser!

All of the funds raised will go towards the ORCC’s essential services: providing free, confidential counselling; a 24-7 crisis line; and advocacy support for survivors of sexual violence. All of our services are survivor-centered and now, more than ever, this support is needed in our community.

Rally. Roll. Raise. Let’s end violence against women and support survivors now.