PAAL Let's share the world

Registered Name: P.A.A.L. Partageons le monde

Business Number: 729396697RR0001

PAAL Let’s share the world is a charity organization that works for the education and to create awareness of cultural diversity through inter-cultural mediation activities. The mission of PAAL is to foster intercultural ties between the members of the different ethnocultural communities through creative workshops and events, that are opportunities for exchanges and dialogues between participants.

The organization works to ensure that residents of the City of Montreal, Quebec and Canada enrich their intercultural communications skills, take advantage of the society’s cultural richness, increase their sensitivity to the cultural diversity that surrounds them, and achieve greater openness to the world, free from fear of others. PAAL wants to be recognized as a transitional player to a more empathic, inclusive, equal and just society.

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