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Pain BC

Registered Name: Pain BC Society

Business Number: 832200422RR0001

Education for People in Pain

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

Innovative programs responding to real needs

Pain BC initiatives are designed collaboratively with people living with pain and front-line health care providers to ensure relevance to their lives and practice contexts. Our many services and programs include:

Patient Education

Pain BC hosts monthly programs, offering practical support and building concrete self management skills for people living with pain. Our workshops and webinars are attended by thousands across BC. All our online programs are archived and added to the extensive resources available on our website.

Peer Support

People in pain are often disbelieved, invalidated, or feel isolated. There are often barriers to accessing treatment or support. Our online peer support community offers meaningful connection, creates a hub for dialogue on new research, and directs people to practical resources in their own communities.  Over 5,100 British Columbians find support there, with more joining daily.

Pain Waves Podcast

Pain BC produces an innovative monthly podcast where pain experts discuss the latest pain management research, tools, and trends and share their stories. Our episodes have been listened to over 58,000 times. Listen to the podcast today!

NEW! Live Plan Be: A free, online pain self-management tool

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Your help can change pain, reducing the suffering of people across British Columbia and beyond. Your support will offer a lifeline to hundreds of thousands of people struggling to live with persistent pain.

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