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Paralympic Foundation of Canada

Registered Name: Paralympic Foundation of Canada

Business Number: 813904190RR0001

Get in the Game

Campaign Ended April 1, 2019

It’s 5:15 AM. On a Saturday. It’s cold and dark outside and all you want to do is stay inside - in bed - for at least another two hours. But your son has hockey practice and he’s so excited, he slept with his hockey gloves on. His teammates – virtual strangers at the beginning of the season - are his best friends now, just as you and your teammates were when you were his age.

Through hockey, you’ve seen him blossom. You’ve seen him thrive.

But if your son was one of the 1 in 7 Canadians with a disability, he might not have the chance to play hockey. He might not have an opportunity to play sports at all.

All Canadians with a disability deserve to have the chance to participate in sport, whether in their local house league or club or all the way to the Paralympic podium.

We need your help to help more Canadians with a disability to get in the game. 

Funds raised by the Paralympic Foundation of Canada help create a sustainable parasport system by providing more Canadians with a disability opportunities to be active in their communities.

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