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Meals for one PARC member for a month in 2019

Campaign Ended May 21, 2019

$250 provides one PARC member with two meals a day for a month in 2019.

PARC’s Drop-in Centre is a place where healthy meals do much more than fill mouths: they start relationships that build trust, fight poverty and mental health & addictions stigma.

We are privileged to have a kitchen crew made up of committed volunteers, crew leaders, maintenance workers, and our chef, Tessa White. In fact, many people employed on our crew first came to PARC by walking through our front doors and becoming a member.

PARC’s Community Meal Program is dedicated to serving nutritious, dignified food, 365 days a year. We are focused on reversing the injustices of poverty and increasing food security. This refers to an individual’s ability to access to sufficient, safe, and healthy food.

While grateful for all the support we receive, we must still recognize the tremendous challenges faced by running a program whose annual budget relies so largely on donated food.

Your support means more purchasing power to make key improvements like putting protein in every meal or purchasing from local producers and local growers when foods are in season.

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