Parish of the Ascension, Mount Pearl

Registered Name: The Parish of the Ascension

Business Number: 119229896RR0035

Home Again Furniture Bank

Home Again Furniture Bank collects gently-used furniture and housewares to redistribute to the region's most vulnerable.  At Home Again, we believe that everyone deserves the comfort, dignity and stability of a well-furnished home.  

Your donation to Home Again means that more people will have a bed to sleep in, a table to gather around and a sofa to relax on.  In donating to Home Again, you are increasing housing stability and well-being.  

The support of our generous donors means that in only 3.5 years, more than 1000 homes have been furnished.  But we can't do it alone.  By donating now, you will provide the basic furnishings needed to turn a house into a home. 

Your monthly donation will make a life-changing difference.  Join the community of Dreamers today. 

Dreamers Monthly Giving Program

$10/month rents a cube van to furnish 5+ households, bringing comfort

$20/month fuels 5 cube vans, delivering furniture and dignity

$50/month provides a family with beds, making dreams possible 

$100/month furnishes 50+ households, changing lives

Become a Dreamer today and give individuals and families across the Northeast Avalon the gift of furniture and an opportunity to dream.

Client Testimonials:

"I wish to express heartfelt gratitude to your organization.  And not just for the furniture and the dishes....Thank you for the demonstration of simple human kindness. It has meant the world to both me and my daughter. And I feel like we are much better equipped now to begin the process of healing and hopefully thriving as a family. (My daughter wanted me to add that maybe now she can also invite friends over!) Thank you for your contributions to our new home."

“Receiving furniture... gave me a lift at a time when I really needed one. I was also amazed at the effort of the delivery crew. Without a second and third effort the big sofa would never have made into the apartment. It really made me feel good that these people were so determined to help!"

“They have made it easier to get back on my feet by giving me a helping hand.” 

"I can have a seat in my own house, and I can have company because I have table and chairs, and cups to serve coffee. I also have a bed now so I don't have to sleep on the floor anymore."

"When I moved into my apartment I had just my clothes and a few personal things. The furniture and other things I got from Home Again helped me greatly, made the place livable, comfy and homey. Thank you!!"