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Phoenix Youth Programs


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Help Youth Experience Transformational Moments

Campaign Ended Jan. 10, 2020

Sometimes we experience moments that shift our perspective of our world, our community, our families, our friends, and ourselves. These moments can become etched in our memory and stir feelings of awe and wonder. At Phoenix we like to call these moments of grace.

A moment of grace can seem small but its ripple effect through a youth’s journey with Phoenix is far-reaching. For over thirty years, our team has seen how one moment can change the trajectory of a youth’s life.

The impact of these moments continues long after their time with us. Recently a former Phoenix Youth shared, “I know it’s been many years, but I always look back and think how blessed I am because you guys were there for me.”

Moments of grace are crucial to the development of youth as leaders in their own lives. To see youth work through challenges and witness their strength and resilience is why your support is so important.

As you prepare for the holiday season, we hope you will consider making a gift and provide youth the chance to experience moments that can transform their futures.

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