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Build a Playground in Afghanistan

Playground Builders Foundation

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There are 13 million kids in Afghanistan and most do not have safe places to play, socialize and create. Undetonated landmines are littered throughout the country. Your donation will be used to build safe playgrounds at schools and orphanages in Afghanistan’s most war ravaged areas.

This landlocked country has been in the throws of war for decades. As a result, it is one the poorest in the world. Generations of kids have grown up knowing only conflict, guns, bombs, injuries and death.

Afghanistan has a population of approximately 33 million of which 41% are under the age of 14. The average age in Afghanistan is 18, and life expectancy is only 51. The literacy rate for adults in Afghanistan is less than 40% – only 24% of women over 15 can read or write.

Due to ongoing conflict, there are more than two million war widows. Their children can’t go to school. They forfeit their childhood to work or scavenge as breadwinners of the family. Or worse, they must join a military group and become engaged in the ever-present conflict.

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