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Since 2007, Playground Builders has built 22 playgrounds in Palestine, including 5 playgrounds in Gaza and 17 in the West Bank. While these playgrounds continue to provide fun, social interaction and respite for children in these oppressed areas, after years of heavy use (i.e., fun and play), some of them need repairs. Your donations will go directly toward repairing or replacing swings, slides, teeter totters, etc. Funding may also go toward fixing playground sites, such as installing new gravel, grass or concrete.

Most of the playgrounds in the West Bank and Gaza are located in neighbourhood centres, refugee camps and on donated property. As such they are not as likely (as our school playgrounds) to be repaired and maintained due to a lack of money and/or materials.

There are huge numbers of children in both the West Bank and Gaza: With a total population of 2.7M in the West Bank, 37% is 14 years of age or under. In Gaza, with a population of 1.7M, 45% is 14 or under. Further, the average age in Gaza is only 16. That means that only some of the 1.8M children in the Palestinian Territories could benefit from one of our 22 playgrounds (but we’re building more!). In addition to building more playgrounds, we need to keep these playgrounds operational and safe.