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Plugged In Community Centre

Registered Name: Plugged IN Community Centre Organization

Business Number: 809067788RR0001

Recreation For All Ages

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2018

Plugged In Community Centre currently offers monthly Inclusion In Action programs Plugged In’s new initiative is about looking for ways to connect different sectors of our community!  

Inclusion In Action: Recreation For All Ages program is the first of many extraordinary projects we hope to take on as a charity to be purposeful as an organization! It is the cross-generational exploration of play.  It allows for learning, teaching and playing to happen between the very wise and the very young.

We know that the elderly are at high risk of social isolation as they age, particularly if they live in seniors homes. This is a common concern as the elderly are adjusting to new stages of their life, and may be losing people who are close to them. There is a high correlation between social isolation and an advanced death or decline in mobility. This is a critical time to foster social interaction and a feeling of connectedness, in order to lengthen their lives and provide greater fulfillment.

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