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Canada’s Great Lakes make up more than 20% of the world’s fresh surface water, and provide drinking water to 40 million people every day. Recent studies show that unprecedented levels of pharmaceuticals are entering our waterways, threatening Canada’s aquatic ecosystems.

Painkillers, antibiotics, psychiatric medications and endocrine disruptors (drugs that interact with hormonal systems) are found at levels harmful to aquatic ecosystems throughout the Great Lakes.

Protecting our water can’t wait. This year, we have launched one of the most comprehensive research studies on pharmaceutical pollution in the Great Lakes. We will examine where this pollution is coming from, how it is making its way into our water and what impact it is having on our aquatic ecosystems and human health. And, we will determine what actions must be taken to address the issue.

We will also be tackling threats from microplastics and chloride pollution to the Great Lakes. And, we will continue our work to address Chemicals of Mutual Concern, identified by the governments of Canada and the United States, such as mercury and flame retardants (PBDEs).

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