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Edmonton's Queer Youth Prom 2020

Campaign Ends May 15, 2020

Edmonton's Queer Youth Prom is Edmonton's LGBTQ2S community celebration of the strength and brilliance of our youth. This dance and youth support event is for LGBTQ and two-spirit teens and their allies (aged 12-19).  Prom occurs on the first Friday in May each year. 

We welcome donations of all sizes, but to give a sense of the impact of your donation, 

  • To cover attendance of two teens: $20
  • To cover the costs of a display table for a community group at Prom:  $50
  • To sponsor a the costs of attendance for a GSA or youth group (based on 12 youth): $120

Prom is a unique event and we are very proud of it, read on for more info. 

Who is Prom for? Who can go to Prom?

Prom welcomes 500 teen attendees. While Prom is for teens (aged 13-19), we can support the attendance of some younger participants with support. Prom is also attended by two dozen community organizations and LGBTQ2S affirming community services and government departments to highlight their services to youth attendees.

How do I get a ticket?

Tickets are released (individually) via Eventbrite one month before the event every year. In 2020 they will be available April 1st.

Who organizes Prom? How can I contact organizers? 

Prom is organized by a community volunteer committee and operates with the support of The Pride Centre of Edmonton. Queer Youth Prom can be reached by email at or via the Pride Centre of Edmonton at (780) 488-3234. 2020 is the 14th annual Queer Youth Prom. 

How much does Prom cost? Where do funds raised go?

Prom’s 2020 budget is $6500.  One way to think about that would be by attendance, meaning that we raise approximately $10 to cover the cost for each youth attendee and $50 for the tabling costs of each participating community group and service.  All funds raised go directly to the event. Should we exceed our fundraising goal for 2020, the funds will be carried forward to the 2021 event.

Prom considers accessibility and welcome from a variety of perspectives. 

Financial: The event is free of charge to all attendees (including food and drink) and a partner provides hair styling and makeup upon request.  Youth connected to Children’s Services have access to transportation.

Physical Accessibility: The space is completely accessible to users of wheelchairs and assistive devices.  Prom organizers work with individuals, families and services to arrange specialized supports to youth with specific needs.  This can include having discreet caregiving support onsite to support as needed. 

Cultural safety and welcome: An indigenous elder is on site to offer smudging at the building’s entrance and to provide care and support to Indigenous and two-spirit attendees.

Gender: The space and event are gender neutral, with signage reinforcing attendees’ access to spaces.  Each attendee and volunteer are offered a button to identify name and pronouns in order to avoid misgendering.

Mental health: Through the development of a quiet and low-light ‘chill out space’ and the presence of a variety of support organizations, mental health of attendees is considered. Prom is a drug-and-alcohol-free event.

Physical Safety: The event is staffed by 100 volunteers. About half of these make up a ‘safe and secure event team’ monitoring the space, checking in and offering help, securing the area and welcoming the attendees. Qualified volunteers provide first aid. A secure outdoor fenced area is provided for fresh air / to cool down. A secure coat check is provided and its use is strongly encouraged. While Edmonton Transit and Edmonton Police Service are alerted to the event, no uniformed police are onsite.

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