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Pride in Art Society - Queer Arts Festival & SUM gallery

Registered Name: Pride in Art Society

Business No: 839988326RR0001

Pride in Art produces the Queer Arts Festival, an artist-run transdisciplinary festival viewed as one of the top 5 of its kind worldwide

Pride in Art Society - Queer Arts Festival & SUM gallery


The Pride in Art Society (PiA) produces, presents and exhibits with a curatorial vision favouring challenging, thought-provoking contemporary art that pushes boundaries and initiates dialogue, including through the Queer Arts Festival (QAF), an annual artist-run, transdisciplinary festival, and SUM Gallery, one of the only permanent spaces dedicated to the presentation of queer art worldwide. PiA brings diverse communities together to support artistic risk-taking, incite creative collaboration and experimentation and celebrate the rich heritage of queer artists and art. We harness the visceral power of the arts to inspire recognition, respect and visibility of people who transgress gender and sexual norms.


268 Keefer st

Suite 425

Vancouver, BC, V6A 1X5

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