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Promised Land Animal Sanctuary

Registered Name: Promised Land Animal Sanctuary

Business Number: 784783516RR0001

Help us Build a Safety Fence

Campaign Ended Jan. 31, 2020

I am not a fan of fences. They obstruct views, make it harder to mow the lawn and generally have an unfriendly vibe. However, they also keep animals safely contained where they should be and keep them from running all over the road. This has been a struggle since I moved here. Although the paddocks are fenced, I have some escape artists who have learned to wiggle through gates and make a beeline for the unobstructed and very dangerous high-speed road right in front of the house. There have been several near-misses that made my heart stop and probably took a few years off my life. This cannot go on!

I have found someone who can put up a fence and three gates along the 700 feet of frontage, which will keep all of the residents safely within the confines of the sanctuary. Although it will be a bit more of a pain to have to open and close gates when coming and going, it is well worth the lives of my farm family.

I need your help to keep them safe! This fence project will cost $6000 and needs to happen ASAP! If you are able to contribute ANY AMOUNT towards this project, it will be most welcome and very much appreciated

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