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Prostate Cancer Canada's 25th Anniversary Campaign

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2019

Prostate Cancer Canada is marking its 25th anniversary this year! You might ask, what has changed in 25 years?

Dr. Larry Goldenberg, a urologic surgeon and clinical scientist at the Vancouver Prostate Cancer Centre, says: “Twenty-five years ago, the general population didn’t even know what a prostate was.” In the years leading up to that time, prostate cancer treatment innovations were few and far between.

Prostate Cancer Canada’s efforts, along with those of everybody involved in the prostate cancer cause around the world, have led to the death rate from prostate cancer being cut in half since 1994. Together, over these past 25 years, we’ve had a tremendous impact.

We must keep moving forward! We cannot stop, as long as an average of 11 Canadian men die from this disease every day. Early detection is everything. When it is discovered late, a staggering 3 in 4 Canadian men will die from prostate cancer. But when discovered early, nearly 100 per cent of men will survive five years.

We need to continue speaking out about prostate cancer and early detection. Together – we can save and improve more lives!

Working with everyone committed to the cause is how we will achieve even more impact. That means reaching out to those affected by prostate cancer, volunteers, researchers, clinicians, and of course, collaborating with thoughtful supporters like you who make such a difference with every generous donation to Prostate Cancer Canada.

With you behind us, we will continue to improve and save more lives by funding more research to generate new knowledge, and by increasing the speed at which evidence is incorporated into government policies and health care practices to improve timely access to new and publicly-funded diagnosis, treatment and care.

And your support means that we can continue to encourage more conversations about prostate cancer by sharing the best information, and working to bring all Canadians into the discussion, including younger Canadians, women, families and those at higher risk.

Over the past 25 years, we’ve made a major impact by working together. We have invested $120 million in research that gives hope to those affected, enhanced the work of support groups across the country, and increased public awareness by offering easy-to-understand information to Canadians.

But there is still so much more that needs to be done, and Prostate Cancer Canada has some important goals for the future. We want to ensure men are no longer diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer by 2029. We want to decrease the death rate by another 50 per cent by that same year.

And we want to improve timely access to new and publicly-funded diagnosis – including prostate specific antigen (PSA) tests, imaging, treatments and care. We’re counting on your incredible support once again to make all that happen.

Please don’t stop now! We’ve made outstanding progress in the past 25 years, and I know there is much more in store – thanks to caring people like you.

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