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Imagining New Realities

Campaign Ended May 12, 2019

How do you imagine a new reality? What inspires you to dream a new world?

Playwright Sunny Drake said in the Canadian Message for World Theatre Day 2019: “We are the magicians of reality.”

You value the magic of theatre. You want new worlds to be dreamt. That’s why you’re a part of PTC’s community. We need our collective dreamers, spinning new worlds that offer alternatives to this one. You can make new realities happen by supporting playwrights at PTC. When you donate to PTC, you bring to life unique imaginings.

Your gift of $150 supports a playwright for a day.

Your gift of $100 prints scripts for actors, designers, and stage management.

Any amount that’s meaningful to you will have an impact.

Let’s build a new world together! Please join us with a gift today.

** Donate by April 21 and be entered in a draw for 2 free tickets to PTC’s Unscripted: Kuroko with Tetsuro Shigematsu on June 8, 2019.

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