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At-home hands-on science and arts learning for children during COVID-19

Campaign Ends June 15, 2020

Parents are looking to supplement their children's learning from home during the pandemic. Pueblo Science has responded to this demand by offering online programs where children learn to play with hands-on lessons using everyday items. Donations go directly to developing free educational content, including the videos and guides available on the charity’s Facebook.

Example: Create paper flowers, color it with permanent and washable markers, fold the petals and place it on a bowl of water. The flowers open up! In this experiment, the children learn about  about hydration, capillary forces, solubility and shapes.

We plan to offer two programs: 

1) Good Morning Science—Home Edition: weekly livestream featuring a Pueblo instructor demonstrating three engaging experiments using only household materials.

2) Pueblo Science Virtual Camp: a five-day camp where children perform experiments along with the instructor via an interactive livestream. Additional instructors are on-hand to answer questions during and after each session. Families can order a box of all needed materials ahead of time.

Pueblo Science, a registered charity founded by scientists, engineers and educators, is leveraging over a decade of experience in delivering training for hands-on STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math) education in low-resource communities. Having delivered training all over the world, Pueblo is now adapting its repertoire and expertise in response to this new demand as a result of COVID-19.


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